A Patient Engagement Center is the
natural extension of an EMR…. It
leverages EMR data to motivate patients
to seek the healthcare they need…..
which in turn drives quality and financial

A Patient Engagement Center
helps Physicians see the right
patients at the right time in the
right setting.

“Patient Engagement Specialists”
proactively engage 1000’s of
your patients each day.

Because Healthcare organizations must
proactively engage patients to ensure they
receive the care they need, Patient
Engagement Centers will prove to be as
important to a health system as its EMR

Population Management Solutions

PEC360 is a suite of fully integrated products and services

  • Patient Engagement Center


    JPEG72_big4 (Custom)A Patient Engagement Center is the natural extension of an EMR. It’s the combination of people, process and technology that come together to support a healthcare organization in the proactive management of their patient population.

    Every PEC is unique to its client and located in the community of the healthcare organization it serves. A PEC acts as an extension of the physician, practice and healthcare organization and is customized to support any initiative that requires proactive patient engagement. Each PEC is staffed with highly trained Patient Engagement Specialists who call and schedule patients with identified “Gaps in Care” per their assigned physicians’ “Patient Population Management Plan”. Each provider has a specific Patient Engagement Specialist who works with their practice manager and staff to ensure visits are scheduled in accordance with each providers scheduling template. Because the scheduling occurs on an individual basis and in real time, the scheduling process can be adapted to fit the needs of any scheduling environment.

  • Patient Engagement Specialist

    x534Patient Engagement Specialist are specifically trained to engage and motivate patients to take a desired action concerning their healthcare. With rising deductibles, increasing competition for patients time and money and a healthcare marketplace that now includes Walmart, CVS, and an urgent care clinic on every street corner, healthcare organizations must proactively engage patients with meaningful conversations to maintain their loyalty, protect their patient relationships and ensure their patients are receiving the care they need.

  • Patient Population Management Plan

    A Patient Population Management Plan is the sum of all the care guidelines (protocols) being used to identify “Gaps in Care” for a patient. A population management plan can be customized for a physician, healthcare organization, ACO, PCMH or most any other quality or financial initiative. Typically, a healthcare organization will have multiple population management plans supporting multiple initiatives. It’s the care guidelines within these population management plans that identifies a patients healthcare needs and informs the Patient Engagement Specialist who to call, when to call and why to call a patient.

  • Pathway Data Management

    JPEG72_big3 (Custom)PEC360’s interface engine, Pathway Data Management, aggregates and normalizes clinical, scheduling, demographic and financial data from disparate systems to create a master patient database that provides a 360 degree view of each patient. Each interface is customized to maximize our clients existing interface infrastructure and to minimize their IT resource requirements. Pathway Data Management is versatile and utilizes HL7, CCD, Flat Files and a host of other formats to receive data from our clients’ health information systems.

  • Priori Analytics

    JPEG72_big5 (Custom)The Priori Analytics engine applies our clients physician-directed care guidelines to the master patient database created by our Pathway Data Management platform. (Example: All Diabetics w/ HbA1c > 9 w/ no Office Visit > 90 days). The Priori Analytics engine continually scans the database to identify patients with important chronic disease and preventive care needs. These care measures can be customized by physician or healthcare organization to support any quality or financial initiative.

  • Patient Track PRM Communication Platform

    Patient Track is the Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform that serves as the foundation of each Patient Engagement Center. Patient Track is a proprietary communication platform that organizes analyzed data coming from our Priori Analytics engine and converts it into a daily work plan for our Patient Engagement Specialist. Its this proprietary technology that allows our Patient Engagement Specialist to manage ongoing conversations with thousands of patients at once.

  • Navigate Dashboards

    JPEG72_big2 (Custom)PEC360 provides customized, real time dashboards to our clients’ executive management, regional managers, quality managers, practice managers, practice staff and most importantly all providers in the organization. These customized real-time dashboards provide all stakeholders with the appropriate level of insight into the organization and or providers progress on quality and financial goals.

  • The Q Team

    JPEG72_big6 (Custom)Each PEC is led by Patient Engagement Specialists who are specifically trained to support initiatives such as ACOs, PCMHs and Employer Wellness Programs. The Q Team is able to support any quality or financial initiative that focuses on a specific segment of a patient population. Our Patient Relationship Management platform can identify and manage these subsets of a patient population by provider and apply any set of customized care guidelines or interventions needed to meet the stated objectives of an initiative. In addition, the Q Team can perform deficiency reports on quality objectives to identify trends and causes behind poor performance indicators. These negative trends are often the result of a process error with regards to how the data is being captured and reported, a training issue with the provider or simply a non-adherent patient which the PEC needs to schedule with the appropriate provider or ancillary facility.

  • Links Patient Engagement Coordinators

    All Patient Engagement Centers have Patient Engagement Coordinators that provide a critical communication link between the Provider, Practice and Patient Engagement Center. Our Patient Engagement Coordinators work with physicians and practice staff to ensure each providers scheduling template is being adhered to by the PEC. They also work with providers to ensure the PEC is scheduling patients in accordance with each providers “Patient Population Management Plan”.

  • AIM Predictive Appointment Scheduling

    x535 (Custom)Big Data and Predictive analytics provide data driven appointment scheduling intelligence. The AIM appointment algorithm utilizes your patient and scheduling data to assign a probability factor to each appointment indicating the likelihood a patient will keep that appointment. With this knowledge, practice staff can overbook and work in same day appointments at the right time on the schedule. In addition, appointments with a high no-show probability can be targeted for added intervention if necessary. AIM schedule management brings efficiencies that maximize clinical resources and revenue, decreases wait times due to “blind” overbooking and most importantly, improves patient satisfaction.

Optional Services
  • Inbound - Centralized Scheduling

    Patient Engagement Centers are uniquely suited to support centralized scheduling for healthcare organizations. When a patient calls in to schedule an appointment, any outstanding care gaps can be addressed while the patient is on the phone. Using both Inbound Centralized Scheduling and Outbound Patient Engagement can help providers these close care gaps from multiple directions