About PEC360

PEC360’s Patient Engagement Centers (PEC’s) and supporting CRM technology deliver timely, coordinated care through the proactive management of patient populations. The combination of trained Care Advisors and our proprietary CRM-driven technology platform makes the PEC360 Population Health Management solution incredibly effective at converting healthcare data and analytics into the type of scheduled visits that improve both quality of care and financial performance.

A Care Advisor’s ability to motivate patients into action is fundamental to all forms of successful population management.  To accomplish this, PEC360 leverages three proprietary technology platforms:

  1. The first is PEC360’s interface engine that aggregates and normalizes data across disparate systems to create a 360o view of each patient.
  2. The second is PEC360’s Analytics Platform that processes data from multiple analytics engines to identify patients with “Gaps in Care”.
  3. The third and, perhaps most important, is PEC360’s CRM-driven Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform that is utilized to support Care Advisors in their quest to manage and motivate patients to seek the healthcare they need.

So whether your focus is on maximizing “Fee for Service” performance or optimizing reimbursements under a “Pay for Performance” model, a Patient Engagement Center and its underlying technology are highly effective at improving quality of care and financial performance… in any reimbursement environment.

PEC360 History

PEC360 was founded in 2008 based on a revolutionary business process that evolved out of consumer industries that utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to generate, manage and convert sales opportunities. The founders of PEC360 took this business process and supporting technology and applied it to healthcare in early 2009.

The goal was to proactively identify, manage and schedule patients with healthcare needs. The results of this experiment were astounding and led to the creation of PEC360’s CRM-driven Patient Relationship Management software that supports what we know of today as a “Patient Engagement Center”.

A founding principal behind the need for a Patient Engagement Center and its supporting technology is the idea that evolving healthcare reimbursement models require healthcare organizations to influence patient behavior beyond the walls of their organization. Today’s competitive healthcare marketplace and constantly evolving value-based reimbursement models are creating an environment where healthcare organizations must proactively engage their patients to ensure they are receiving the care they need.

Another fundamental principal behind a Patient Engagement Center is the idea that healthcare is entirely too personal to be left to automated outreach. To engage patients in a meaningful way, a way that motivates patients to seek the healthcare they need, a live conversation with the patient on behalf of their physician must occur. Having been very successful with this concept in other industries, the founders of PEC360 pulled together the right people, processes and technologies to create a technology platform that’s capable of supporting trained Care Advisors in their quest to engage and schedule patients who are in need of care.