A Patient Engagement Center is the
natural extension of an EMR…. It
leverages EMR data to motivate patients
to seek the healthcare they need…..
which in turn drives quality and financial

A Patient Engagement Center
helps Physicians see the right
patients at the right time in the
right setting.

“Patient Engagement Specialists”
proactively engage 1000’s of
your patients each day.

Because Healthcare organizations must
proactively engage patients to ensure they
receive the care they need, Patient
Engagement Centers will prove to be as
important to a health system as its EMR

PEC360 Patient Engagement Centers

A Patient Engagement Center is a highly specialized call center that utilizes PEC360’s CRM technology to proactively manage, engage and coordinate care for patients when they are outside the walls of our client’s healthcare organization.

Client Patient Engagement Centers utilize PEC360’s proprietary CRM technology platform to support the following care coordination, case management and patient engagement activities:

  • Population Health Management

    Patient Engagement Centers utilize PEC360’s technology platform that aggregates, analyzes, manages and formats healthcare data into a daily work flow. This work flow is operationalized in a Patient Engagement Center by non-clinical “Care Advisors” who engage and schedule patients with identified “Gaps in Care”.

  • Clinical Patient Engagement

    Your clinical providers can utilize PEC360’s CRM platform and customized work flows to facilitate case management and care coordination for patients in most need of care.

  • Centralized Referral Department

    PEC360’s technology acts as the foundation of any referral department by creating work flows and reporting that drive efficiencies within a referral department.

  • Centralized Scheduling Department

    PEC360’s technology can be utilized to close any outstanding “Gaps in Care” each time a patient calls in to set an appointment. In addition, the PEC360 software allows you to gain scheduling efficiencies that create schedule access and schedule density via predictive analytics that show the likelihood a patient will show for their appointment.

  • New Patient Acquisition and Orientation

    PEC360’s technology also provides an efficient means to measure your advertising effectiveness via PEC360’s cost per lead management tool. In addition, PEC360 software helps to ensure new patients show for their first appointment and are oriented to all your health system offerings.